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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    Diana is beautiful! Classic, feminine, gorgeous and powerful. I love the references to the goddess and Princess Diana. I don't think it's that common among babies today- both the Dianas I know are over 50 and I've never met any children or teenagers named this. I just graduated from high school and there wasn't a single one in my year.
    All of this. Except I'm in my 30s and knew only one growing up (around my age) and none since then. I also don't really care about the association to Princess Diana (no offense and all due respect -- just not my thing), but it doesn't sour the name at all for me. I would absolutely love to meet a little Diana. I don't think it's dated at all. Diane? Yes. Diana? No way. Classic all the way. And definitely not common, at least around where I live, where you're much more likely to run into a McKinley, Clementine, or Olive (I know at least two of each of those) than a Catherine or Elizabeth, and not even one Diana.

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    Love Diana! Beautiful!

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    I LOVE that name! It is elegant, classic, and very strong. It isn't too common either.
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    I like the sound of Diana a lot. I don't think it sounds too common. I only know Diane's, and few to none in actuality. Diana is very sweet.
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    I don't think Diana is a particularly common name for babies these days, and don't know any Diana's my age either (late 20's). Whilst it's not a name I would use myself, it's an elegant name with a lot of history. If you love it, go for it!
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