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    Getting intentionally pregnant at your age isn't ideal, and I'm glad you realise that. These are your years for being crazy, having fun, and no responsibilities.

    I think babies and motherhood are sugar coated by society sometimes.. Its not the bed of roses it appears to be. I love my children to death but there are days where I literally want to run away. I struggle, and I am in a secure relationship, with a nice home and we are financially stable. I can only imagine how much crazier things would be if we weren't financially stable, etc.

    Enjoy your youth and remember you have at least 25 more years to become a mama. Your time will come when you are ready.

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    I remember what i was like to be 16 and in love - it was a magical feeling! It's fantastic that you have a BF at your age that actually wants to make the kind of lifetime committ to you that having a baby together would be, but please - WAIT.

    Enjoy being young and in love, Enjoy being able to go out with your friends, Enjoy having your whole life ahead of you to learn, travel, make mistakes, have life experiences... Having a baby would change everything and while some people out there still manage to do those things, a lot of options are lost if you have a baby in tow. You have so many years to have a family and you will when the time is right, but first you need to figure out who YOU are as a person, not define yourself at the age of 16 as someones Mom if you have a choice...
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    Thanks both of you for your wonderful opinions & advice.

    I truly appreciate it :-)

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    I can totally see where you are coming from, especially with the jealously of your friends being pregnant. I am 21 about to graduate with my degree in January and both my best friends have children, (a two year old and a 4 week old) and I look at them and I want what they have, but me and my SO (who have been together since we were 15) are not ready, we both still live with our parents saving for own house and enjoying our time together before we start our family.

    Seriously consider waiting and enjoy your time with your boyfriend because the last thing you want is to end up resenting each other after you have a child because your life definitely changes. xox
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    Thanks so much @ laurakatex!!

    PS. I LOVE your signature!!

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