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    Quads and Twins! NSRN CAF with 7 Kids

    This is another one with grandparents, because I like making bigger families

    Maternal Grandparents
    DW: Reinhilda, Betsey, Adeline, Dorothy, Millie
    DH: Royston, Dax, Magnus, Chester, Wolf

    Paternal Grandparents
    DW: Adamina, Minerva, Essa, Alessandra, Magnolia
    DH: Skipper, Skeet, Maximo, Will, Brantley

    Parents and Children:
    DW: Hannelore, Josephine, Zoey, Ava, Mariposa
    DH: Levi, Dyson, Braxton, Chance, Leo

    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4: Jazzlyn, Arabella, Ellie, Edna, Stella/ Elliotte, Kelsie, Claire, Belva, Adriana /Elisa, Ava, Eartha, Rosa, Goldie/Elsa, Hope, Haylie, Presley, Ashlyn
    DD5/DD6: Robin, Anthea, Phoebe, Claudia, Kayla /Roxann, Blake, Aroa, Ollie, Francesca
    DS1: Paxton, Knox, Breccan, Bravery, Landon
    DS2: Samuel, Christian, Maxx, Walton, Sora
    DD7: Dinah, Mae, Muffy, Madeleine, Clover

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    Maternal Grandparents
    DW: Millie Adeline
    DH: Chester Wolf

    Paternal Grandparents
    DW: Alessandra Minerva
    DH: Brantley Maximo

    Parents and Children:
    DW: Ava Josephine
    DH: Braxton Levi

    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4: Stella Jazzlyn, Kelsie Claire, Ava Rose, and Haylie Hope
    DD5/DD6: Kayla Robin & Francesca Blake
    DS1: Landon Bravery
    DS2: Samuel Walton
    DD7: Madeleine Mae
    Carl - David - Jonah - Simon - Eric - Laurence - Ezra - Jared - Willis - Edgar
    Stella - Juliet - Cecilia - Veronica - Laura - Rosemary - Hazel - Greta - Priscilla - Bethan

    You've got red on you.

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    DMGM (54): Betsy Adeline
    DMGF (55): Royston Wolf

    DPGM (66): Magnolia Essa
    DPGF (68): Maximo Brantley "Max"

    DW (31): Ava Josephine
    DH (37): Leo Chance

    DD1 (7): Stella Arabella
    DD2 (7): Claire Adriana
    DD3 (7): Rosa Ava "Rosie"
    DD4 (7): Elsa Ashlyn "Elsie"
    DD5 (5): Phoebe Claudia
    DD6 (5): Francesca Roxanne "Frankie"
    DS1 (3): Breccan Knox "Bec"
    DS2 (1): Walton Samuel
    DD7 (nb): Clover Madeleine
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen pippa. blythe marguerite. bronte florence. blanche lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. dougal frederick. bart lachlan. malcolm bruin.

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    Maternal Grandparents
    DW: Millie Adeline
    DH: Chester Magnus

    Paternal Grandparents
    DW: Minerva Alessandra 'Minnie'
    DH: Will Maximo

    Parents and Children:
    DW: Ava Josephine
    DH: Levi Chance

    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4: Jazzlyn Arabella, Elliotte Claire, Elisa Ava and Ashlyn Hope
    DD5/DD6: Robin Phoebe and Blake Francesca
    DS1: Landon Knox
    DS2: Samuel Christian
    DD7: Clover Mae
    Jazz, Ellie, Lissa, Ash, Robin, Blake, Landon, Samuel and Cloe

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Maternal Grandparents
    DW: Adeline Millie
    DH: Royston Chester

    Paternal Grandparents
    DW: Adamina Essa
    DH: Maximo Will

    Parents and Children:
    DW: Zoey Hannelore
    DH: Braxton Levi

    DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4: Arabella Jazzlyn /Kelsie Elliotte / Elisa Goldie/Ashlyn Presley
    DD5/DD6: Phoebe Claudia /Roxann Blake
    DS1: Breccan Bravery
    DS2: Sora Maxx
    DD7: Madeleine Mae
    Mum to Bailey and Liberty

    MMC Dec '16

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