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    What are some commonly-hated names you love? And what popular names do you despise?

    For my first question, I love Patch (It was on a Worst Names list) and Ethelreda.

    I'm starting to like it, but for a long time I thought Jasper was awful. I also can't stand Faustina.

    UPDATE: I just found out a detail of Nevaeh that makes it...well, not so good, so I'm removing it...
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    I like Neveah Or Naveya i think its really nice! and at first didn't associate it with being heaven backwards!! lol

    Patch isnt that badd i'd say more of a middle name imo it also reminds me of 1 of the puppies names from 101 dalmations.. [he was soo cute]

    I also liked Ilithyia...
    Ummm Amethyst has been given bad feedback
    Ohh and to top has to be Arizona.. NO-ONE likes that name..
    lilith - a demon name...
    there are many of my names that others dont like.. but i do.. and much more that this lil list... lol xx

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    I love the name Hermione for a girl, despite its heavy Harry Potter connection. I also have a crush on the name Ever, but most people find it too weird.

    I absolutely loathe the names Ava and Aria. So many people drool over these names but I can't stand them.
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    I despise Jasper & Toby (the names, not the children), dislike Nora & Cora, Emma, Ella, Anna, Mable, and most especially Hazel. I love Lucrezia/Lucrece, Godiva (though I wouldn't be courageous enough to use it), and Isolda.

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    I like Sailor, Waldo, Winifred, Mabel, Balthazar, Columbine, Sylvester, Hero, Oswin, Elektra, Mavis, Rainer, Darwin, Zephyr, Harriet, Wallace, Roscoe, Dashiell, Matilda, Polly, Ursula, Valentine, Dov, Luther, Thaddeus, Pilot, Solace, Quintana, Jean, Merlin, Marigold, Fay, Hester/Hesper, Walter, Marjorie, and Baxter.

    I hate syllable mix n' match names and boys' names on girls.

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