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    Do you know anyone called Evie in real life?

    If so how many and where do you live (generally speaking)? I think I might be getting my "loves surnames for girls" husband to consider the name Evie (as a nn for something), but I'm worried about popularity with Evelyn being # 27 last year. I don't think we'd use Evelyn, and he's not really into Genevieve (which was my original suggestion), but I think we would use Evie regardless of which Eve-ish name we used. I've never met an Evie before. I know two older Evelyns, but they just go by Evelyn. I live in the American South.

    Edited to add: Include pronunciation of Evie on the person(s) in question.
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    Yep, I know an Evelyn who calls herself Evie. She is actually quite pretty. I am not going to tell where I live, but my confirmation of a living, breathing Evie is 100% authentic. (: Perhaps instead of Evelyn you could use Everett or Evangeline.
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    I have only ever met one Evie. I work w/ her. She's very nice, down to earth. Probably in her 50s? Not sure but think it's short for Evelyn but only just goes by Evie. I've never heard anyone name their baby recently Evelyn or Evie..I think Evie is a super cute name for a little girl! Love it actually.
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    Forgot to mention I am in Eastern Canada.
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    I know an Evie! I'm not sure of her full name, but she's the most adorable little thing- she's around five or six. She lives in the American northeast

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