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  • Emmett

    36 54.55%
  • Eric

    7 10.61%
  • Ronan

    23 34.85%
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    Emmett, Eric or Ronan?

    I thought I was decided on my top 5 boy names, but not sure which of these I like best.

    The other 4 are Arthur, Henry, Louis(loo-iss), and Martin.

    *One question: When you see Eric, do you think Rick? That's a name association I would definitely like to avoid, so if Eric is too close to Rick, then it's out.*

    Suggestions are more than welcome too!
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    For me, it's:

    1 Emmett
    2 Eric
    3 Ronan

    Also, I don't associate Eric with Rick. I say AIR-ic, so the last syllable isn't Rick..
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    Rick is a definite possible nickname for Eric, wanted or not. I voted Emmett; I like Ronan, but the an/in sound is a little too close to Martin.
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    I love Ronan a whole lot! I really don't like Eric and Emmett is a little Twilight for me.
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    1 Emmett - handsome and distinguished
    2 Ronan - Irish and spunky
    3 Eric - bland and dated. Yes, I see and hear Rick!
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