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Thread: Which order?

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    Which order?

    Which order do you like these names in the best? I can't decide which I prefer as the FN and which as the MN.

    Evangeline Ruth or Ruth Evangeline?

    Anna Genevieve or Genevieve Anna (I would also consider Genevieve Hannah)

    Rosamund Elise or Elise Rosamund?

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    I like your combos!
    Personally I'd go with Evangeline Ruth, Genevieve Anna, and Rosamund Elise.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Evangeline Ruth, Genevieve Hannah, and Elise Rosamund (I prefer Rosamund up front, but I like Elise Rosamund far better as a combo!).
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    The best flow, in my opinion:

    Evangeline Ruth
    Genevieve Hannah
    Rosamund Elise

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    Evangeline Ruth. I love Evangeline!!!
    Genevieve Anna. I definitely prefer Genevieve as a first name.
    Rosamund Elise. How do you pronounce Rosamund? I say "rose-ah-mund". I think Rosamund Elise would be a pretty name!

    Evangeline is my favorite first name on your list! ^_^
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