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    The Wonderfully Brave Girls - Continued...

    Here we go again. I managed to get my list down to seventeen, so I'm very proud of myself. If you could help me out cutting a few more that'd be great. I realise I'm a snooze, but if you could (pretty please) give me your top three or something, tell me why you like or dislike something, that would be smashing. It's just too difficult! Everytime I take one off, another one pops back on. Niniane and Nimue are the same person, so even if this name isn't something you think I should use, would you please tell me which one you prefer? I also don't care about different lengths, I don't think long names are superior to short names, I want names that are equal in power not letters or syllables. All names qualifies in the brave, exceptional, clever and stunning category for me.

    This is the list, with pronunciation and nickname ideas (if you've got more they're appreciated, but I don't like boyish nicknames. I want cute and dainty or animal-ish).

    EDIT at the bottom of page four.

    Morgana is safe but lacks a nickname. Not that she needs one, but I'm kind of liking nicknames... (Mora, Mori, Angie's been suggested and I love these)

    Boudicca (BOO-di-kuh) Boo, Didi
    Bradamante (brad-uh-MAN-tee) Ante, Ada, Addie
    Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pee) Callie, Lia
    Circe (SUR-see) Cece
    Cleopatra (klee-o-PA-truh) Cleo, Leo, Panther, Cat
    Guinevere (GWIN-uh-veer) Gwen, Evie
    Gwenllian (gwen-LHEE-uhn) Gwen
    Hecate (he-KAY-tee) Cat, Katie
    Hippolyta (hi-POL-i-tuh) Polly, Lita
    Isis (I-sis)
    Isolde (ee-ZOL-duh) Izzie, Sola, Sol, Solly
    Jezebel (JEZ-uh-bel) Belle, Jess, Ezee
    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh) Kay, Kaia
    Nimue (NIM-oo-ee) Immie
    Niniane (nin-i-A-nuh) Nina, Nin
    Olympia (uh-LIMP-ee-uh) Pia
    Proserpine/Proserpina (proz-uhr-PEEN/proz-uhr-PEE-nuh) Rose, Rosie, Pia, Prosie

    Thanks from two crazy Londoners !
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    Firstly, nickname for Morgana. Ganna (Ukrainian version of Ann and may work); Mo is superb (but maybe too close to Roo, hm?); Morry, Angie("gan" part backwards), Annie(too plain?).

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    I prefer Niniane to Nimue.

    My favorites off your list are Guinevere (nn Guin, Eve/Evie, Vera) and Hecate (nn Catie...but I always pronounced this one heh-cuh-tee). I like Hippolyta, but I'd run from anything with Hippo in it.
    Morgana has the nickname Ana, but it's much safer than all your other names, and in my opinion, a bit boring.

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    Top 5 in no particular order


    As for Nimue vs Niniane, I prefer Nimue.


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    I will give you my top 3:
    Circe (love!!!)
    Calliope (love!!!)

    I feel like the remaining names (excluding Morgana which I love as well) are too extravagant and/or will cause pronunciation problems down the road.
    What happened to Hypatia? I noticed her on your other thread and is a beautiful choice because of her history.

    A nickname for Morgana:
    Morg (hmm probably not this one lol...morgue)
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