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    Names After Grandmothers

    Planning early TTC.

    The name needs to sound ok with sibling Amy-Louise (Doesn't have to be hyphenated and middles accepted also). I'm so annoyed as every name I suggest he doesn't like and most names I have family named after (due to a big family).

    I really love both my grandmothers names Harriet Nancy and Phyllis Beatrice. - He hates all 4 names.
    And my great grandmothers Harriette (My nan was named after her grandmother), Ivy Annie, Emily and Amelia. - He like Amelia & Emily but they are too close to Amy.

    I love all the names but my boyfriend doesn't like them I have Ivy Ann as a middle name option for a next child. I also have Emmeline for Emily and Amy for Amelia.

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me with the Harriet, Nancy, Beatrice and Phyllis. - For some variations of them for boys & girls names variations ok as well e.g Harry for Harriet. - No Made up names.

    Names That are Out:- Matilda, Mollie, Ava, Esme, Joey, Lola, Hettie, Dolly, Evelyn, Wilhemina, Clara, Jospehine, Emma, Phoebe, Max.

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    Hello Kelly Marie!
    Amy Louise is darling, let's see about names for new baby:
    Harriet - Henrietta, Etta(and all -etta/-ette names), Halle, Honey, Rhiannon(from "ri") for girl. Harry, Henry, Elliot (from -et), Ryan for boy.
    Nancy - Nina, Anna(and all Ann-/Anne- names), Tracy, Stacy, Patsy (and other -cy names), Cynthia (from "cy") for girl. Cyan, Natnan, Nolan for boy.
    Phyllis - Phyllida, Felicia, Felicity, Hollis, Phoenix for girl. Philipp, Phoenix for boy.
    Beatrice - Beata, Beatrix, Alice, Lettice, Clarisse for girl. Bryan, Beau for boy.
    I really like Ivy as well.
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    Frances Birdie JaneEmmeline Twila Alice Ramona Juniper Monet Esme Helena Mazarine Sibyl Jemima Iris
    Nathaniel Roscoe Wilde Grover Elijah St John Oscar Ignatius Cosmo Robin Hector BarnabyAxel Isidore Sage

    Atlas Casimir Arianwen Snow Dashiell Roman Cornelia Lark Jarvis Raphael Eugenie Plum Gwydion Hart Georgia Polly Seymour Kurt Hazel Miranda Wilbur Floyd Isolde Beatrix

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    Thank you - Amy Louise is darling - Thank you her dad picked it so next is my turn.

    Henrietta -(We quite like this one), Halle - (I like this one but I know about 4 people who have named there kids Hallie/Halle/Hallie etc. so I'm afraid it's out), Honey - (I really love this one I'm just conserned about a 19/20 + year old girl being called Honey - I'd use it as a MN though), Rhiannon - (I really love this one and with me being welsh I love it even more)
    Harry - (We both love this Name), Henry - (It's nice but it's too popular now), Elliot -(I do like this one I will have to ask my boyfriend though), Ryan (I really love this one and so does my boyfriend).

    Nina - (Although I do love this name my best friend is called this), Anna - (I really like Deanna & Liliana but I'm unsure one Anna on it's own), Tracy/Stacy/Patsy - (I quite like Stacy/Stacey but my best friend is called Stacey so I cant use it - Tracy & Patsy are a little old for me), Cynthia - (I love this one). Cyan - (I'm unsure on this one how do you Pronounce it), Nathan - (I'm assuming this was Nathan - I do really like it but I'm unsure as I new 2 from school), Nolan - (I Will have to ask my boyfriend on this one as he knows someone called Nodan so I dunno if hed like this one).

    Phyllida/Hollis - (I will have to ask my boyfriend about these ones), Felicia/Felicity - (I really love Felicity), Philipp - (I love this as a middle name), Phoenix - (I do like this i'm just not keen as it's getting quite popular for both sexes and I'm not 100% on unisex names).

    Beata/Beatrix/Lettice - (I'm unsure one these ones maybe as a middle name), Alice - (I really like this but I have a cousin called this), Clarisse - (I quite like this one - I like Clarissa also NN Carlie/Lissa.), Bryan (I do like this one I'm unsure if it's a little dated though), Beau - (We like this one We had Harry Beau on our list at one point).

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    Any other names?

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    Harriet - Harela, Harmony, Hattie, Hatsy, for the Arrie sound: Aretha, Ariella,
    Nancy - Francesca (this is my aunt's name; but she goes by Nancy!) Nanette, Nanelle, Nanella, Annabel, Hannah (kind of works for Harriet & Nancy.)
    Phyllis - names with the "phil" sound Philomena, Philippa, Philyra (a legitimate name: meaning "lover of music" in Greek) "Liss" sound: Arlis, Alice, Elise, Adelise
    Beatrice - Bea, Betta, Beta, Beatricia, Katrice
    I hope these are okay!
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