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    Shorter FN to pair with Augusta Jane?

    Caroline won my poll... But I would love to see some shorter name options. I could use Caroline with Augusta as a middle name, Augusta must stay in the name, I love Jane, but it isn't a must...
    Other siblings are: Maggie, Jonah,Kelsey-Rose, Emma, Mary-Elizabeth, Levi, Isaiah, Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine and Serena

    Just making sure I am not missing something

    Any thoughts on these:
    Anna Augusta Jane
    Olivia Augusta Jane

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    Maybe Lila, Lily, or Lucy?
    Out of the names you listed, I think Olivia Augusta Jane sounds best.

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    Lucy is on my list, and I do really like Lily!
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    As far as short names go, I think Jane is a sadly underused first name, and how cute is Janie? So maybe just mix your combo up a bit- Jane Augusta Caroline or Jane Caroline Augusta?

    I also really liked Eve Augusta Jane from your last poll, but Lucy Augusta Jane and Grace Augusta Jane work really well. But none of them have Caroline Augusta Jane's wow factor imo.

    Edit to add: I'm not crazy about the flow of Olivia and Anna with Augusta, the double A endings and vowel beginnings don't work for me.
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    Meh, I don't love the flow of Anna Augusta Jane or Olivia Augusta Jane (although you know I love Olivia!). Grace Augusta Jane seems to be pretty much perfection, but Eve Augusta Jane and Lucy Augusta Jane were nice. Honestly, Caroline's really grown on me. If you don't use Grace, I would love to see you with a little Caroline.
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