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    I haven't read all the replies so sorry if i'm repeating suggestions or going over old ground- just ignore me if i am! Firstly, i know what you mean about Ophelia, its so beautiful and ethereal but comes with a lot of crazy baggage. One way of dealing with that is to spell it Ofelia. I love your daughter's name and the use of a short, sweet, not-frilly-but-still-girly name up front and a romantic longer middle name; with that model in mind, Ofelia and Serafina would be great in the middle spot. How about:

    June nn Junie ( June Serafina or June Ofelia would be amazing, and Junie is the cutest nn in the world- not that i'm biased or anything!)
    Pearl (i love Pearl in your sibset, but can't think of any good nicknames. But i love the idea of Pearl Serafina :-))
    Delphine nn Delphi or Fia
    Lucienne nn Luci or Lulu
    Juliet nn Jett
    Beatrice nn Bebe or Bliss
    Mira nn Mimi
    Oriana nn Ori, Annie
    Ione (eye-OWN-ee)

    EDIT:I just had a look but over the thread and i absolutely love Nova with your sibset! The shared 'v' with Eve is adorable!
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    Darby! (That's my daughter's name... I still love it and we get TONS of compliments)

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    How about-

    Neve (I know its spelling is close to Eve but the sound is totally different)

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    I have to say, I am just completely blown away by the sheer, massive number of incredible ideas being put up here for us! Best crowdsourced brainstorm ever! Some names are new, some I never ever would have found, and some I’ve seen before but never really “noticed.” Thank you, thank you!

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