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    Well, I am liberal and I certainly like uncommon, soft names.
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    As can be seen through this thread, there are definitely far more important factors in what names people choose than political affiliation.
    Socio-economic status, religion, and education being far more telling.
    Seems like a very divisive topic.
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    I would think geography plays a big part in it. Different Latin American populations can have different political leanings, but share a lot of Spanish names. A name that might be a super preppy liberal name in the northeast could be super-duper conservative and southern-prep in the south. A Vermont hippie mountain climber might have a really butch name, just like a Texas football player. I think there might be overall trends around the two ideologies, but I think the way a name comes across really depends on where you are.

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    I kind of semi-conciously assume any super religious person leans more right-wing politically, so names like Ezekiel, Gideon, etc. ring Conservative for me. Upper-crusty names have that kind of association for me as well - names that would look perfect on a private/selective school kid, like Esme. In my experience people with upper-middle and higher-class names tend to be from Conservative backgrounds.
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    I posted a thread on this back in June
    Baby names reveal political views?

    Yes, Conservatives tend to be conservative in their name choices but when it comes to unisex/gender bender names you have to factor in region. A Southern Conservative will choose names that are considered liberal in the rest of the country. But, these names are very much conservative here. Boy names that the rest of American has abandoned- Madison, Ashley, Loren, Shiloh, etc - are still used on the traditional gender. The Southern Conservative may also name their daughters Carlisle, Tyler, Reed, Brennan, etc because they are family names or honor an important person. They aren't choosing these names to be daring nor are they concerned with following trends, they are clinging to tradition.

    It's always funny to me how Southerners are considered so backwards and slower to change but when it comes to gender bending boy names, we are far more open minded. Even on this site, these names are called sissy or too feminine and statements like 'he will be teased' come from posters from more "progressive" areas.

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