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    So many names today are gender neutral. Why not winter? Remember Old Man Winter? It's more about the kid then the name. My husbands name is Karsten, which is more common for males but it looks feminine and a lot of people mistake it for Kristen. He still turned out to be a good guy who likes cars and electronics (typically more masculine hobbies). If you like it I say go with it. If your are looking for winter themed names I also like Hunter, North, Branch, Chill, Colden,Crispin, blaze, Darke, and Frost.
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    The only time I've seen Winter used in real life was on a guy, and it was his middle name. I don't think it's particularly masculine or particularly feminine.
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    I only know of one person with that name and it's a girl. I believe it's the voice of the Sophia character on "Sofia the First".

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    When I read the title of this I thought for a moment I was in the girls forum! To me, it is very feminine. Perhaps the name Frost for a middle for a winter boy?
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    I think it seems very feminine, but I understand the appeal. I think an awesome substitute would be Winters. Very handsome and more of a masculine feel

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