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    Winter: Too Trendy and/or Feminine?

    My H and I have been toying around with Winter as our boy choice for our December baby. I really love the simplicity, sound etc.

    A couple close friends who I love to run names by have given feedback that it is either a) too trendy or b) only belongs on a girl. I still can't shake it!

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    It might be more common for girls, but i actually think that it's so thoroughly a noun that you can absolutely use it for a boy. When people hear "winter" they think of the season, not the baby name, kwim? It evokes snow and sweaters and pine trees and holidays, not the image of a girl. I'm not usually a fan of especially noun-y, or especially gender-neutral names, but it seems that Winter is an exception!

    And while it's not as unusual as, say, Aethelstan, it's not Jackson either. If it works for you, then i give you my official go-ahead. For whatever that's worth!

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    Sorry but I agree with your friends. Winter is very feminine to me. For one, all the other season names (Autumn, Summer) are girl names, so it just kind of makes sense that Winter would also be a girl's name. Second, it lends itself to the nickname Winnie, which is also a girl's name. Third, all the Winters I've met have been little girls, so I can't really picture it on a boy.

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    I know one Winter who 2 years old (girl) and a Wynter who is also two. I think from association the name may seem feminine. But as far as the word - it is a season and has no gender so if you like it use it!
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    Thanks ladies, I guess I do feel like it is a noun and therefore inherently neutral, I am just not sure how I feel about Winter turning out to be like a man being named Ashley or Leslie.

    @pansy, it's funny you mention the other seasons because in my mind the rationale was that since girls get the other seasons, at least one has to be for a boy!
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