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    Remy is female to me because i went to school with a girl called Remy. However, she was very proud of the fact that she was named after the brand of cognac that her parents got drunk on the night she was conceived, which totally put me off the name! I love Romy though; its funny how one vowel change can make all the difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeska View Post
    I thought Romy was for girls, and Remy for boys.

    I'd go for Romilly and nickname her Romy, personally.
    This is what I thought. I think Romilly with the nickname Romy would be lovely!

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    I prefer it for a girl!

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    There was a girl at my school called remy. She was very butch and a big bully. The name doesn't bring the best associations to my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Remy absolutely, positively, unequivocally does not work for a girl.
    You know nothing, Jon Snow Lee.
    Sorry for mistakes, I am foreigner.
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