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    I followed my doctor's advice and took prenatals for over a year while we were trying to conceive. Just the generic kind. When I found out I was expecting twins, the first question I asked was weather or not I needed to change the brand/type/amount of pills. All the OBs have said that the ones I have right now are fine. And since this bottle is huge, I'm not going to have to buy any more for a few months.
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    I took Target brand prenatals from the time I stopped taking the pill until just a couple months ago when I started weaning my daughter from breastfeeding. I tried pills and gummies, but I think the gummy ones were better because they have DHA in them. The sugary stuff on the outside of them grossed me out in the beginning when I had morning sickness, so I switched to pills them. Target sold a 2-pack of prenatals with a bottle of multi-vitamins and a bottle of DHA supplements and that's what I used. I didn't take anything else, but ask your OB-GYN what you need. My sister was anemic while pregnant and needed an extra iron supplement.
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    New Chapter Perfect Prenatal vitamins are awesome. They were the only thing that worked for me nausea-wise and I was able to take them on an empty stomach. I didn't do one at each meal post pregnancy, I just started taking all three in the morning. The 3 a day thing is their only flaw imo, it is easy to forget one! I love that they have food ingredients like Kale, and I love that they're organic and don't have binders & additives like most stuff on the market. I had a very queasy pregnancy and these really worked for me and I've continued taking them.

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    @taz: That brand was actually another one that I was looking at. I liked them for all of the reasons that you said! I don't think the 3 a day thing would bother me too much, but I do have trouble swallowing pills that are too big. Are the New Chapter prenatals pretty big, or are they small?

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    I took Pregnacare Max during all my pregnancy and with this one. This same brand has vitamins for TTC as well which I took before my first and second pregnancies and I also took the breastfeeding one. I really like this brand as it has worked for me. The website is also really helpful! Essential Vitamins for Conception, Prenatal & Postnatal – Pregnacare� from
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