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Thread: Beowulf

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    Maybe it's only me but Leonidas Beowulf is the coolest name ever imo. Maybe it is not very wearable in real life but I love it!!
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    I agree that it's a cool middle, just a bit much with Leonidas. I'd choose one of those and pair it with something a little tamer. For example, Thomas Beowulf sounds a lot more grounded to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post

    It's fabulous as a middle (even though I sort of love it as a first and nn Wolfie). Leonidas Beowulf is sort of too much, but like a pp said, if it were like Leonidas Antony Beowulf it sounds much better. ^_^

    I think that would be fantastic! (Even though I'm not a big fan of Antony, I get what you are saying).

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