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    Wink Baby girl names! Which do you like and why?

    His list-Brooke, Brooke Lynn, Jordan, Jillian, Juliet, Kelsey
    My list-Audrey, Eliana(nn Ellie), Gianna, Isla, Maren/Marin

    Names we both agree on-Brianna, Gabriella, Juliana, Kelsey, Lena

    Last name is 4 syllables, very Italian, starts with an L and ends with an I

    Our son will be named William Robert

    Some middle names I like are- Sophia/Sophie, Kate, Jane, Mae, Rose

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    I like Gianna (fits well with an Italian name and sounds feminine), Juliet (very romantic sounding and traditional but cool) and Isla (different but fashionable and cute)

    Lena and Gabriella make good mn in my opinion

    Hope this helped!

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    I love the idea of Lena L------------i. Lena Kate or Lena Jane would be sweet, spunky, and vibrant.

    I also like Juliet, Gillian, Juliana, Maren, and Audrey.
    I think Juliana flows best with your middles: Juliana Mae, Juliana Kate. I'm also a little drawn to Juliana for you because it has elements of Juliet, Gillian and Gianna all wrapped up in one. Before I noticed it in your list I was wondering what you two thought of it.

    Maren Sophia or Maren Kate
    Audrey Jane

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    From his list, I think Juliet would be a wonderful choice for William's sibling. Brooke is too harsh and Jillian, Brooke Lynne and Jordan all rhyme with William. I don't like the unisex Kelsey at all.

    From your list, Audrey is the only one that has the depth and history to match William. I like Juliana from your joint list as well as Gabriella but I don't know if names with l's are the most ideal option with your surname.

    Suggested Combos

    Audrey Kate
    Audrey Jane
    Audrey Mae

    Juliet Sophie
    Juliet Rose
    Juliet Mae
    Juliet Sophia

    Juliana Rose
    Juliana Kate
    Juliana Mae
    All the best,

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    I like Lena Juliet L...
    Lena Kate L...
    and Lena Gabriella L...
    Anastasia Dulcie, Arthur Sylvan, Aurora Millicent, Cecily Helena, Charlotte Griselda, Cressida Blanche, Cvijeta Beatrice, David Frederick, Dorothea Giselle, Edmund Ludwig, Edward Godfrey, Emil Orpheus, Erik Amadeus, Flora Isabella, Freya Gwenllian, Gareth Florian, Juliet Sunniva, Lewis Dorian, Magnus Roland, , Matilda Gersemi, Melody Isolde, Percy Beowulf, Robin Lysander, Rosalyn Amoret, Rosamund Paisley, Seraphina Thisbe, Tristan Harley, Wesley Dimitri

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