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Thread: Carden?

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    I know someone named Carden so it doesn't sound strange to me. I think it flows well with your son's name and your last name. Just glancing at your list, I thought some of those were definitely too popular to use with the awesome Aiven- Conner, Weston, Braydon, Grayson, etc. I say use Carden if you really like it. It just goes well with everything else
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    Never heard this one before, but I think Aiven and Carden are great together!

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    I quite like Carden. It's a bit unusual, but the sounds in it are very familiar -- it's not far off from Camden, Carter, etc. -- that it feels like it fits right in with any other American name (while not being worn by ten other kids in the classroom). I think it's an excellent choice, and I think, of all the names that you have listed, that it goes best with Aiven.

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    I like Carden, I think it's nice and unique.

    I also like Connor and Rylan from your list

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