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    Aeris - horrible spelling and pronounciation problems her whole life, go with the traditional Eris to give people a chance
    Aira (AIR-rah) - NO, sounds made up and horrible spelling and pronounciation problems her whole life
    Clarity - yes, a fresh virtue name
    Emerald - like Diamond and Sapphire i think: STRIPPER, TACKY, CHEAP
    Lux - sorta but like Emerald it comes off as trying to hard, its like seeing a run down car with nice rims or big sound system
    Spirit - UGH like the name Experience, horrible tacky trying too hard.
    Zyra - ok, but think there are better names out there

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    I think Clarity is wonderful! It's one of my favourite virtue names! (Against Amity) Lux is super cute too! I can see Aira and Aeris being used, but I feel the others are a bit much. Emerald is on the border for me, but I feel like there are better gemstone names, like Opal and Ruby!

    What do you think of Amity, Avalon, Aura, Bliss, Clea, Dove, Eden, Indigo, Junia, Kairi, Lark, Lilias, Magnolia, Pepper, Rohanna, Romy, Tansy, and Wren?
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    I wouldn't use any of them. The really unusable ones are Clarity, Emerald and Spirit. The others are okay.
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    Aeris is pretty, but sounds way too much like Eris, the Greek goddess of discord, chaos and strife. Not a prime role model.
    Not a huge fan of the others, though Clarity is not bad.

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    I think Aira is usable.

    I love Clarity and think it's fine in MN spot.

    Emerald could definitely work, with the nn Emmy.
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