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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Atlas – to join siblings Ordnance Survey and Road Map?
    And Compass too

    I also agree about Magnolia, it's a beautiful tree but I think paint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post

    CricketRugby? Golf? Football?
    Emmett - slang where I'm from. Bloody emmets...
    Atticus - I dislike the sound and find it a bit silly. But as a brother to Lofton and Kitchenette? It could work.
    Any English city - mostly, they're very grim places.
    Desmond, Gavin, Graham, Alan, Derek & Ian - these men are in their 50s at least
    Brayden, Brandon - they sound so bland. I think of Bran Flakes and a donkey braying.
    Audrey – that old woman on Corrie
    Atlas – to join siblings Ordnance Survey and Road Map?
    Wilder, Rebel, Gunner, Maverick – no!
    Clover – cow/margarine name. “We alllll love Clover, it's the way that it's churned!”
    Magnolia – the boring colour walls are painted
    Maximus – Gluteus Maximus
    Wesley - unattractive sound
    I agree with basically all of this (except Emmett; it's awesome and I'm unfamiliar with the slang), but the Clover one made me literally Laugh Out Loud, which I disguised as a cough and now my mum thinks there's something wrong with me. Also, my 17-year-old brother is called Alan, but he's already been told it's an old man name.

    You could also add Malcolm to the old man list. I hear all the time on here and do not get it at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Desmond, Gavin, Graham, Alan, Derek & Ian - these men are in their 50s at least
    This is just one of those across-the-Pond differences. Desmond isn't used very much in my area, but Gavin is very popular among boys---the oldest Gavin I've met was about 13 or 14 and the rest were elementary school age (5-10-ish), though I had a great-uncle whose name was Robert Gavan. I also had a classmate in the second grade named Alan as well as a kindergarten classmate named Derek and two high school friends named Ian---they'd be about 24-25 now, and most American Dereks and Ians would be 15-35-ish. And my teenage sister has a friend named Graham; they met a 30-ish man named Graeme and there was much rejoicing.

    It's funny, but I had the exact opposite reaction to yours when I first heard of Sir Derek Jacobi: "You mean there's someone named Derek who's over 35?"

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    Ditto Hannah (such an ugly sound but so so common, there are so many in my grade and it's my middle name...huh?) and Olive (I mean I love the food, but as a name?) Others not including the names usually universally hated by actual name lovers like Kaylin and Raylee etc:

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    Pippa : Just awful . I use it as a sexual term .
    Sloane : dont like the sound
    Harriet : see above
    all the den trend except Aiden .
    Lauren : to me this a name for mean girls . I dont know why .
    Tallulah / Tabitha : they sounds horrible on my ears .
    Harper : the only er name i dislike .
    Mabel : way too old imo .
    Winnie : Winnie the Pooh ??
    Horribly misspled names . I dont mind thought things like Alison .
    Susannah : Its seems to be quite popular here . I dont know why . I have an 70 yrs old gran with that name . Soooo old fashioned .
    Poppy : just bleh to me .
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