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    Olive: All I see is a vegetable
    Agatha: Its the Trunchbull's name not a good association.
    Wren: Its not pretty
    Lark: See Wren
    Agnes: Not pretty
    Daphne: it reminds me of scooby doo
    Imogen: Its so popular here
    Atticus: Not pretty
    Poppy: its what I called my grandfather
    Graham: Its really dated here I can't see it on a baby
    Margaret: Nana name
    Theodore: I think of the chipmunk and its a granddad name.
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    Penelope, Persephone, Pippa/Philippa, Poppy, Daphne, Delilah, Adelaide, Matilda, Eloise, Genevieve, Amelia, Imogen, Sloane. Can't really think of anything else right now.
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    This is just my opinion ok

    Persephone -All I can see is perse(which means a$$ in Finland) and a phone. So to me the name means a$$phone. The pronounciation is pretty but the spelling is bad.

    Daphne -sounds like an old lady. I don't like the daff- beginning.

    Clementine - just why? I just can't see the appeal.

    Agnes -grandmotherish

    Kaytlynn, Madysyn, Katryn, Lynzy and other kr8tyvely spelled name

    Son- ending names on girls like Emerson, Madison etc

    Harriet - very harsh

    Juniper -all I can see is a nip. I don't like the way it's pronounced.

    Theodore- grandfatherish

    Agatha- just terrible imo

    Calliope- I don't just get it.

    Atticus- All I see is the word attic

    Matilda - grandmotherish

    Sloan- the pronounciation is bad and the look.

    Petra - just ugly

    Benedict - terrible

    Beatrice/Beatrix - ugly

    Any name with a sh- sound for example Alisha, Sheila, Charlotte, Sheridan, Patricia etc

    and lots of lots of more.

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    Is it okay if I post again? I just thought of some more. LOL

    Priscilla- Sounds evil
    Violet- Sounds too close to "violent" to me
    Penelope- I don't see what is so beautiful about this name. Sounds like a bug to me.
    Arden/Auden- Too boyish
    Topanga- I actually have a friend who is considering this name if her son turns out to be a girl. SMH
    Hadley- I just don't see the appeal. Sounds too harsh for a girl
    Kinley/Kinsley- Too nickname-y
    Florence- I immediately think of fluoride. lol
    Abigail- See Hadley
    Agatha- Grandmaish
    Lark- Just ugly
    Greer- Ugly

    Emmett- Not appealing
    Jasper- Pet name
    Nolan- Old manish
    Hugo- ew go
    Malcom- Nerdy and not in a cute way
    Hank- Reminds me of "Hanky panky"
    Samuel- Sam is cute on it's own. I just don't like "mule" sound at the end of the full name.
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    south sound
    Wren - negative personal association and just a weird look altogether.
    Imogen - horrible sound IMO
    Daphne - all I hear is the "nee" sound at the end and that is totally NMS
    London - great place, odd name
    Maisie - it's my hamsters name but I didn't even pick it!

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