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    • Basically any K name or name ending in -lyn. And that includes Evelyn. Unless its a guy's name pronounced EVE-lyn

    • As pointed out above, Sloane, Greer and also Blair. I find them absolutely hideous. I least I sort-of understand the appeal of the other ones, but I don't understand these at all
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    Clementine and Clover. I'm sorry I know a lot of Berries love these names, but I just don't get them.
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    I don't get Poppy at all. If you speak about 'Poppy' I automatically assume you're talking about your grandfather

    I've been thinking about it more and more since last night and I've decided I also don't understand Lola. At all.
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    So many...but the one that's grating most at the minute is 'Bennet', what I that?!

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    Never thought Greer was pretty. I don't understand the hysteria over Sophia or Sophie... It sounds like a poodle to me. I always associate Aiden with The Ring, so I can't get on board with that name either. My bestie and I were waaay too obsessed with trying to scare each other with that movie when we were in college.
    ALSO, (oh my I could go on and on!) I don't see the appeal of all the popular city names like Brooklyn, London, Savannah, etc. I like the sound of Vienna, but I couldn't bring myself to use it bc of the city... I've never been there, I don't really know anything about it.. I would feel like a poser. lol
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