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    For me, I have a really long list, and then a list of favourites, and recently I realized lots of my favourites are gaining in popularity, and would presumably be too popular by the time I would be using them.
    So, I put those names just on the long list, and then either picked new favourites from my secondary choices, or took the qualities I liked from my popular favourites to try less common ones with the same feel.
    Nameberry is really easy to do that with the search options, and I actually found a ton of new favourites.
    (Example, favourite name Nora, I look up starts with N, two syllables, ends in A, and I find Nina and Nola. Or, just 2 syllables, ends in ra, which leads you to Mara and Clara.)
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    Very interesting. I'm going to try some of your methods out and see how it goes!
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    I think it's possible to start completely from scratch. We have a daughter named Jillian Rachel, and we're expecting a baby boy in November. We've decided to name him Christopher Michael. Both names were not on my name list originally. My husband and I didn't agree on a lot of names and Jillian was the one girl's name that we both loved. First time around we were going to use the name James if it was a boy. This time around James wasn't even on the table, and Christopher came up and we both loved it. So definitely possible to start over and still be very happy with your name selections in the end.

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    Since I'm not anywhere near having kids, I don't really have a process I guess. I just have one big master list (girls and boys) and write down all the names I like or love. Some I would probably not use, but like I said, since I'm not expecting it's not a big deal to me if I have one giant list. When I do eventually have kids I'll probably start trying to trim down the number of names, but for now I just like collecting and playing around with combos for my future kids!
    Of course, I do have a smaller list of the names I feel strongest about. When I fall out of love with one it gets moved off and another doesn't necessarily take it's place unless I feel strong enough about it.
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    I was just over my old style my boys names stayed the same but my girls names. I posted a heap of threads with names I liked and worked through them until I found a top ten I was happy with. Some of them i will never use like Eulalia and Wilhelmina but I love them anyway.
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