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  • Juno Violet

    33 44.59%
  • Iris Clementine

    41 55.41%
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    I voted Juno Violet.

    I do like Iris, but I detest Clementine.

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    Dec 2012
    The Iris is a beautiful flower, but I dislike the sound of the name. Plus, with middle name Clementine, there's a little too much flora going on. Juno Violet is absolutely gorgeous, Juno Iris and Juno Clementine are also viable options.

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    Please don't make me choose... please, please... I beg of you! Both are utterly gorgeous!

    However, pretending for a moment my life depended on it, I voted for Juno Violet as it slightly (and I mean only very, very slightly) edges it for me.
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    I vote Juno Violet. I like the name Iris, but I've always disliked Clementine, resulting in it being a easy choice for me. Violet Juno - Iris Violet are also other sweet choices - actually I like them much better than Juno Violet - but if it's your preference, I say it's a nice name. It is. Just prefer the other two.

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    Iris Clementine is divine! I do not get the appeal of Juno.

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