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    Thank you! That is very true and I like biblical names with sentiment as well as being religious. I'm not too sure which spelling I prefer! I love the combination too so thanks for reaffirming this. The last name is Bowes which rhymes with clothes haha. Still think it goes?

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    I like Atticus, even though it does feel a bit overtly literary. It is one of those names that everyone will know what you were going for and in my opinion think "oh I love that book" or "those parents were trying way too hard." I would think "Oh, I love that book" btw. Atticus Moses Absalom sounds like quite the serious name. A bit too heavy for my tastes, but not horrible sounding.

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    I love Atticus, I never used to but now I absolutely love it, it goes really well with Elijah.
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    violetindigo- True, it does tend to divide opinion but I'm glad you like it! Yeah, middle names are up for debate and by no means set in stone I just put some names that I like together for the minute to see the vibe. I'm starting to like Atticus Duke now haha

    laurakatex Thank you! It's grown on me too.
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    I love Atticus with Elijah and other old testament biblical names like Josiah, Ezra, Abner or Abraham (if it weren't for the double a). I'm not a fan of Moses though, it just makes me think of Gwyneth Paltrow.
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