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Thread: To boyish?

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    Ryan Sutton is all boy to me. Maybe Sutton Ryanne or Sutton Rayanne if you plan to call her Sutton anyway? Or even Mary Ryan Sutton ____ if you want her to be obviously female on paper? And calling her by her birth certificate name is unimportant anyway? I think boyish names are cute too...on cute girly girls, but they can be very unfortunate on less cute, less girly girls!

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    It sounds really masculine to me. Maybe to make it more girlish you could switch the names and have Sutton Ryan instead? To me, Sutton is a girl's name, so all I would see is a girl.
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    Way too masculine for my tastes...I think some of the previous suggestions are wonderful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriela View Post
    I would never name a little girl Ryan Sutton. Everyone would think she's a male until they meet her and I would bet that at least once in her life, she'd wonder if you guys wanted a boy instead of a girl and that's why you gave her such a double-barreled masculine name.
    Is there a reason why your husband is so dead set on using his name? I much prefer Sutton to Ryan and if you love Sutton then you should find a feminine name to work in the middle with it, that way if she doesn't love masculine names like you do then she'll have a choice to not be Ryan.
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    I have a friend named Tyler and that's about as boyish as it comes and really, she's doing just fine. Most people, you meet them by introducing yourself, so having a 'boy's name' isn't a big deal. I think Ryan Sutton is nice. I would consider doing Sutton Ryan if that's what you will be calling her anyway, and if you really like that better and you're just catering to your hubby. But I don't think it matters aesthetically. Ryan has a nice sound to it and feels fresh on a girl. I say go for it.

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