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Thread: Baby vlogs?

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    Baby vlogs?

    Sorry to intrude on this forum but... Do any of you guys watch any Baby vlogs or have any? I watch a great one, I know I'm not a Mom or anything but she is intresting to watch. This link is at the bottom. The family are so down-to-earth and her children are cute! They have lovely names, she is expecting again. Try and watch them from the very beginning.

    Baby #1: http://

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    If it doesn't work type in Kyleandcourt

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    I love watching pregnancy and baby vlogs! I'm planning on doing them when we decide to start a family. My favorite right now is "Bumps Along The Way." Missy just gave birth to Oliver last week (after a miscarriage and a stillbirth). Her vlogs are always so uplifting. She and her husband also do daily vlogs on a different channel ("DailyBumps") so you can see "day in the life" of parenthood... every day.

    The other family I watch regularly is the Saccone-Jolys. I think the pregnancy vlogs were on the "StyleDiet" channel--that's where she does monthly baby updates as well. Emilia's almost a year old now. They also do daily vlogs (on the channel "SacconeJolys").

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    Iv watch kyleandcourt @northernlights you should watch it. That girl sounds uplifting.
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    I watch a few myself (I'm not a parent or soon to be parent either). Some of my favorites at the moment are:

    Stephanie: AnastasiaRubyFamily (AnastasiaRuby is her baby name channel)
    Kelli: BabyBellyKelli
    Missy & Bryan: BumpsAlongtheWayVlog and dailyBUMPS
    Danielle: DanielleBabyBliss
    Jess: GabeandJesss
    Heidi: heidi kim
    Lora: Loraandlayton
    Lucy: Lucy Eades
    Tina: TweedleTee10
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