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    Meh. I'm not sure how I feel about it. My uncle is Bruce Ashley and his brother is Ashley Bruce. So it just seems not that odd to me, but on the other hand, I always thought it was weird my uncle and his brother both shared essentially the same name. I find the pairing of Carter and Ralph a bit more odd than actually using Carter Ralph and Ralph Carter, lol. They seem so different.
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    I've seen people do that and it drives me insane. I've also seen people give their twins the same middle name EX: Caitlin Grace & Carly Grace, which equally drives me insane. They are two different people, not two halves of one whole. I have a lot of friends who are multiples (twins and triplets) and growing up with them I have a lot of strong opinions on the subject.
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    4,601 Daniel and Danielle (twins I knew growing up). The boy used Danny.

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    Yeah, that's terrible. Frankly, I'm too into names to give up an opportunity to name TWO people at once to do something like that! And I agree with the previous poster that Ralph and Carter are so strange together! They don't match in feel at all. Bizarre choice!

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    I've never seen that in twins before, but personally, I think it's awful. They need to be unique and their own person...they'll share enough growing up without sharing a name.

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