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    Are invented names automatically terrible?

    Weren't all names "made up" at some point in time using words, parts of words and sounds?

    I'm not really talking about Youneek spellings like Emyrsynn or Maddysenn or Airwrecka, etc or the stuff of email forwards (Ladasha or Abcde) or even Mash-up names like Gracelyn or Olivianna.

    Is it possible to make up a name that doesn't sound trashy or like it came out of a fantasy novel?

    My husband and I are seriously considering a few names that are invented .

    Avaset Katherine (pronounced "Have a set" minus the H)

    Eveliet Katherine (pronounced "ev-ah-leet")

    Zurie Katherine

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    I don't think made up names are automatically bad, just it's hard to come with one that doesn't sound trashy.

    I like Eveliet and Zuire, but Zurie will be mistaken for Suri, so my vote goes to Eveliet.

    But, overall, I just prefer mash up names like Olivianna or Gracelyn or Avabelle or Emmabeth

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    Shakespeare might have come up with some good's more difficult for the rest of us. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of your creations, though you do seem to have a flair...maybe keep trying, but be careful!

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    Zuri is actually a real name. Avaset looks like a misspelling of Avocet, which is a type of bird. I initially pronounced Eveliet like Eh-veh-lee-ETT, like Juliet. Keep trying.

    What's wrong with a name that has an origin, a history, and is real? The first names weren't just pulled out of thin air. They were developed from an actual language. Perhaps Airlea, Alethea, Ariadne or Seraphina would strike your fancy.
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    The first names weren't just pulled out of thin air. They were developed from an actual language.
    Like Jessica and Vanessa.

    There's nothing wrong with name with history, but some people want to invent names and they are not hurting anyone by choosing unique name. Why should they not chose one?

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