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    Some local Birth Announcments

    Some newborn swedish babies Mind you, here in Sweden you usually don't spell out the middle names in the announcments.

    July births
    Adele, sister of William
    Edward, brother of Ellie
    Mimmi, sister of Charlie
    Hedvig, sister of Idun
    Samuel, brother of Nathalie
    Emil, brother of Kasper and Edvin
    Lovisa, sister of Theodor
    Elias, brother of Alva
    Anna, sister of Hannes and Johan
    Milo, brother of Holly
    Edvin, brother of Viktor and Frida
    Madelene, sister of Amanda and Daniel
    Oscar, brother of Gustav
    Perla, sister of Rocky
    Linn, sister of Olivia
    Felicia, sister of Oliver
    Minna, sister of Adrian
    Olof, brother of Axel
    Liqia, sister of Lucia, Lexia, Lyvia and Låmia
    Ove, brother of Måns and Fabian
    Sixten, brother of Ceasar
    Saga, siser of Ziri
    Vincent, brother of Leo
    Liam, brother of Inez
    Eda, sister of Alvin
    Nora, sister of Mathilda
    Anton, brother of Moteo and Elin

    June births
    Eddie, brother of Hilma
    Stella, sister of Theodor and Melvin
    Bastian, brother of Alexander
    Henry, brother of Tage
    Lucas, brother of Robin
    Ida, sister of Ellinor and Martin
    Wilde, brother of Olivia
    Emil, brother of Signe
    Heidi, sister of Timo
    Alba, sister of Ida
    Victor, brother of Felicia
    Nora, sister of Julia and Zakariah
    Nils, brother of Mille
    Ilea, sister of Benicio and Zariah
    Tyra, sister of Måns
    Maya, sister of Mira
    Kendra, sister of Liam
    Erik, brother of Lara and Ines
    Alice, sister of Rebecca, Emil and Elias
    Luna, sister of Ellie
    Tilda, sister of Viktor and Olivia
    Ella, sister of Thilde
    Dion, brother of Benjamin
    Majken, sister of Isac and Nellie
    Gustav, brother of Sally
    Elliot, brother of Nea
    Nelly, sister of Ebba
    Vincent, brother of Isabella
    Joline, sister of Emilia

    Lots of good names. Some are very popluar here and some are rarely used. Some are trendy and some are unique.
    My favorites:
    Adele, Edward, Mimmi, Samuel, Emil, Lovisa, Elias, Anna, Milo, Oscar, Perla, Minna, Olof, Liqia, Sixten, Saga, Vincent, Eda, Nora, Anton,
    Stella, Bastian, Henry, Lucas, Wilde, Alba, Nils, Ilea, Tyra, Kendra, Alice, Luna, Tilda, Dion, Majken, Elliot and Joline.

    What's your favorites?
    University student. Cat lover. Proud name nerd.

    Lovely Girls
    Iris Margareta*Ramona Juliet*Elena Ruby*Penelope Doris*Charlotte Mary*Rebecca Louise*Margot Alice*
    Audrey Elizabeth*Miriam Elise*Lucy Violet*Florence Marie*Matilda Jane*Edith Annabel*Ophelia Eve*Stella June

    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Caleb James*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Gabriel Matthew*Arthur David*Samuel Evan*Alexander John*Thomas Emilio*Felix Johan*Benjamin George*

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    My Favorites :

    Edward , Anna , Madeleine , Saga , Liam , Henry , Lucas , Alice , Luna , Nelly
    Vasiliki ,
    Greek , eighteen , university student , finally owner of kitten , Maurice .

    * Favorite names for the moment : Remember Selladore " Mem " / Rembrandt Charles " Remy " .

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    Had to giggle at Olivia and Wilde. I love Minna, Elias, Milo, Perla (so cool with Rocky), Nora, Stella, Henry, Alba, Alice, Luna and Elliot.

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    Mimmi, love that name.

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    I really like Lucia, Nora, Anna, and Alva.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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