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    Cair Paravel :)

    Oh, no, not another [insert popular name here]...

    I've just returned from being on holiday with my family, and as there was a higher-than-usual number of children in the same area as me as normal, I figured I would keep tabs on names (mainly because I keep a running thread on another name forum about names we come across whether they be interesting, boring, or horrid, and I was hoping to see some lovely ones while on holiday, but also just out of curiosity). I came across a lot of repeats (there were multiple Charlies--all boys--and Noahs, Mayas, Michaels, Jacobs, Sofias/Sophies, Averys--although the majority of them were boys, which pleased me greatly!--Aidens, Emmas, etc., not to mention other quite popular names like Lily, Jack, Gabriel, Hunter, Carter, Owen, Lucy, Samuel, etc.

    Anyhow, this has me re-evaluating my list. I love my list how it is, and I'm not wanting to get rid of most of my favorites, but I don't want them to be so popular that the only reaction I get is, "Oh, not another Olivia. Not another Jack. Not another..." you know. I like popular names. I'm not opposed to them. In fact, for several reasons, I generally prefer them to not-so-common names.

    I guess I'm just wondering, how many of the names in my signature would you put in this category? And on the reverse side, how many of the names on my list would you be really excited to see? I realize a lot of them are popular, but are any of them cringe-worthy popular? I had always planned to balance out an obscure name with a more familiar middle and vice versa, but Jack August Cole is still just going to be known as Jack and an Olivia Wren Camille is still going to be Olivia/Liv/Livy on a regular basis, so I'm wondering if that even makes a difference anymore.

    Thanks, ladies!

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    "Oh no, not another..."

    Isabelle (though I know you love this name!)
    Grayson (in large part due to the preponderance of sound-a-likes -- Gray, Grace, Gracelyn, etc)
    Hannah (big time, especially with Anna also so popular)

    And Samuel and Catherine if they go by Sam and Kate -- I must know dozens of each.

    Honestly? You have great taste. No, most of your names are not exactly rare, but they're also almost all either core classics (Caleb, Hannah) or stylish twists on core classics (Emmeline, Zane). Don't worry about changing your style just because your favorites are more common than you'd like. Whether #2 or #200 in the Top 1000, I know your kids will end up well-named.

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    Nope, but I don't personally have much of an issue with a timeless classic popular pick.
    I do get the "ugh, not _____ again" reaction for names that pop up from obscurity to popularity (even if it's just on lists and not actually used), though.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Thanks! It's not so much that I was planning on scrapping my list, but more looking for happy mediums. Like Eva, as opposed to Olivia. Or Ian as opposed to Jack, etc.

    A lot of the SUPER popular ones I love I'm really not willing to budge on--Jack, Liliana/Lily, Hannah, and Grayson honor family in very special ways, and I'm not willing move them to the MN spot, and frankly, I love Isabelle too much to sacrifice it for anything, lol. Although I'm sure you guessed that already, lol.

    In my area, I have come across so few kids with top-10 names that Isabelle, Jack, Lily, Hannah, Olivia, etc. don't seem that popular to me. But I know that's not how it is everywhere, and probably not even how it is in my area, it's just the kids I've met.

    As for Samuel and Catherine, I'd probably use Kit and Sam. I don't mind Kate, but I like Kit so much more.

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    Honestly none, but I live in the US where Sophia and Aiden are practically an epidemic. Olivia and Charlotte are pretty popular here but I don't mind them as much as Sophia/Isabella/Ava/Madison because they're beautiful and classic and I don't come across them nearly as often as the names I listed before.

    I would be really excited to meet a Josephine, Emmeline, Hannah Asher, Samuel and Jack. Those are some of my favorite names ever. I have never met a little Samuel and rarely meet a Jack who isn't a Jackson/Jaxon. I've never met a Hannah either even though its in the top one hundred.

    None of the names in your sig are cringe worthy popular to me.
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