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    Lauren is mega-popular in California, where I live. Especially among the middle school/high school age kids. I know at least 10 teenage Laurens. They are everywhere. I know one teenage Laura and a few adults named Laura, and it is such a beautiful and classic name. PLEASE do not use Lauren as it is dated and overused.
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    I've always loved the name Lauren and disliked Laura.

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    I've always preferred Laura but both are nice.
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    I actually think Lauren is the prettier sounding name, but prefer Laura overall based on some unpleasant associations with a few Lauren's/Laurie's who spoiled the name for me. Also I think Laura is a bit more unexpected these days whilst still being familiar. Therefore I vote for Laura.
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    Laura, it's a classic, simple and pretty. For some reason Lauren has a slightly pretentious association for me.

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