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    Lennox! Definitely. I think it fits in with Evander and Zinnia because its quirky but still familiar. Rafferty and Blair are okay but I don't get the same crisp sound from them as the others. And Huxley seems too trendy to fit in. Hope that all makes sense!
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    Huxley and Blair are my favorites of those. Huxley Oliver would be my first choice.
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    I like Rafferty Hugo with them
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    Thanks guys for all the feedback, no rush though as son numero uno still isn't here yet. I feel if I would to have an Evander, Zinnia and Rafferty that if i had a fourth child they would need to have 3 syllables, and im not sure i really want to limit myself and my next favourite girls name is Laurel.

    I get what your saying @valentine but my thing with Lennox is that im 90% sure i pronounce it wrong, i perfer len-knox as to the actual way len-iks which is frustrating. I get that Huxley has the trendy -ley in it, but i find it more modern than trendy, not sure why.

    I see that its is between Huxley Oliver and Rafferty Hugo mainly, but i can't cut any off yet, any more opinions?
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    I'm with others my favourite is Rafferty Hugo!!

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