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    Yes! Love Wesley (he's on my list as a middle) The only thing I dislike about him is the nn Wes for some reason. And the princess bride connection is awesome! I've only ever met one Wesley (a man in his 40s) so I don't find it to common at all. Add it to your list! He works just fine with your other boys names.
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    I like Wesley! xx
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    I love Wesley! It's on my list and I would definitely use it. I love the Princess Bride connection and it's use on Star Trek: TNG (which I watched as a kid). While I wouldn't call it super-popular, it's definitely more common than the names on your signature though, and I'm not sure it goes that well with them.
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    Nay sounds really unattractive in my head.

    Suggestion Weston?

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    Thanks so much for the response everyone! I think the consensus is it's a little too different from my other style, which is okay. There are many names out there, and perhaps it's something to incorporate as a middle name instead. I am liking Barnaby West, for example.
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