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    SO and I: Karan, Karlan, Kyan, Ryly... So basically Karen (SO's mom's name) and Riley that could possibly work if you corrected the spellings.

    My parents: Job, Jobert, Jodert, Roby, Rody

    SO's parents: Leean, Karlee (different spelling of my name), Hoban, Kary, Karby, Koby, Kee

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    Patrayne (Patricia and Wayne, grandparents)
    Terdra (Terry and Sandra, parents)
    Altrick (Alberta and Patrick, great-grandparents)
    Richia (Richard and Patricia, grandparents)
    Joberta (Johnny and Alberta, great-grandparents)
    Sandriver (Sandra and Oliver, my mom and her boyfriend)

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    Amanda + Justin (my boyfriend and me) = Justanda? Amustin?
    Teresa + Joseph (my parents) = Tereseph? Joresa?
    Richard + Elaine (boyfriend's parents) = Richaine? Elaichard?
    Lillie + Donald (grandparents) = Lillnald? Dollie?
    Verna + William (grandparents) = Velliam? Willna?
    Donna + Tod (aunt/uncle) = Dod? Tonna?
    Gregory + Ann (aunt/uncle) = Grann? Annory?
    Janet + Tony (aunt/uncle) = Jony? Tanet?
    ♂ Seth Joshua, Gordon Thomas, Russell Joseph, Asher Estlin ♂
    ♀ Melody Ray, Joanna Kathryn, Nola Juliette, Tessa Diane ♀

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