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    Yay, Endymion made the top four/five!

    My favorites are Horatio, Galileo (I agree with dindlee, I would be ecstatic if I were to meet a little Galileo), Remus & Severus.

    But if I HAD to pick ONE to complete your top five & as a brother to Aphrodite, I'd choose Galileo. (as I mourn the possibility of Remus, :P)
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    My favourites from your set shortlist so far are Casimir and Oberon.
    And my favourites that are competing for the fifth spot are Remus and Orlando. I actually quite love Lucius as well, but in Harry Potter he's quite a bit of a malicious character, even if he loses some of that maliciousness by the end (yes, Harry Potter fan here too - not ashamed of it). But if you ignore that, it's a really handsome name!

    So to round up; Remus, Orlando and possibly Lucius (in that order) are my favourites.

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    Yep I love HP too though I may even prefer the Percy Jackson books. OK, nerds to the left, let's talk names!
    My top 3 from brave and beautiful boys:
    Orlando - I love boy-boyish Orlando so much and I guess you know it! The "o" roll of the tongue smoothly and he sounds so strong, fun and caring. Sea waves, bright stars and silver laugh - that's how I see him. P.S. I even thought of using Olly myself
    Remus - double fun, I love both Lupin and the original boy much. Secret place sibling connection here: if Roo has Illyria, this boy will have Rome. Sibset made of awesomeness
    Lucius - bad boys! Very lush and posh and sweet but in a good way, my opinion of what every gentleman is. Thumbs up!
    As for Galileo, although it's my super way to get to Leo, I think that's a bit too multicolored with Orpheus and Endymion. Needs braveness that I know you have . Merlin is so cool but not with Roo's name as it's too magical for real life in my view.
    If I had to pick one, Orlando all the way. (LMAO, I posted and just then noticed me and PP have the same top).
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    I like. . .

    Faramir- Has a cool namesake and a cool sound.
    Galileo- Love the due, love the name.
    Horatio- Despite being four syllables this name just flows off the tongue.
    Remus- I LOVE Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and the name sounds great. I think this is my favorite from the list. Remus and Aprhodite go well together.
    Sherlock- I love the sound of this name. However, if I met a little Sherlock IRL my first thought would be "wow the parents must be huge Benedict Cumberbatch fans." (Or Robert Downey Jr. fans, I guess.)

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