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    No Daena is just a variant of dana.
    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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    Althea and Cosima are my favorites, the rest are not to my personal taste but all lovely.

    IDK how it is in England, but where I live, Ah-liss-ee-ah would never work for Alicia. It will always be Uh-LEESH-uh. I'd avoid it for the pronunciation problems, or stick it in the middle. Also I'd spell Daena, "Dana" for simplicity's sake. JMO
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    Alicia and Felicia feel dated. I'd also avoid Daena because it looks like a misspelling, even if it is legit. I prefer Corinna to Corrina. I love the look of Cosima but not the pronunciation.

    My favorites are Althea, Ilona, and Josephina.
    Current favorites:
    Cora . Louisa . Lydia . Mary

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    I really like Cosima and Orla.
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    Current favorites:
    Odette Cosima Fionnuala Iphigenia Coraline
    Emmett Kieran August Malcolm Zephyr

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    I like Felicia, Cosima, and Josephina the most.

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    ♥ Axel ♥ Odin ♥ Ingo ♥ Tore ♥ Olle ♥

    among others

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