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    Anything with son in it for a daughter and the name Maddy! Maddy has to be the most popular name where I live there's at least one in each of my classes I dont understand the appeal to it, it reminds me to much of the word Mad. Anything that starts with Mac bothers me and crazy unpronounceable names like Persephone. I love unique names but a child with a name Persephone is always going to have to deal with mispronunciations and spellings also lots of teasing!
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    I really dislike Wren, Annabel (this spelling only, I like Annabelle), and Audrey. These names get so much love on Nameberry but I honestly can't stand them. Wren sounds so whiny, Annabel reminds me of a cow (and I just dislike the 'bel' ending in general), and Audrey just sounds very unattractive to me.
    As for names that are loved apparently by myself only, there's Piper. Even on this thread, more than one Berry has listed it as a disliked name, even though I haven't seen it get much love on Nameberry. I adore it, and personally believe that it is much more versatile and not as cutesy as most people think. I also like Sloane.
    ~Izzy, looking for a new nickname
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    There are so many names that I can't stand that others swoon over but I will narrow it down to Aiden and anything that includes Belle or Bella.

    The one name that I love oh-so-much that has never received a single thumbs up (except on Nameberry) is Marlo (on a girl, I can't stand it on a boy).

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    Evelyn, Rosalie, Elizabeth, Alice, Sophie, Marilyn... Oh my list is long!

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    Evelyn, Florence and Cecelia/cicely. I'm not sure why everyone seems to love these!
    Trying, trying, trying

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