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Thread: Violetta Jane?

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    Violetta Jane?

    WDYT of Violetta Jane? Do they go together? Is it pretty? Is it weird? Help me out here
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    I love it! I say Violetta vee-oh-let-ah (I always let people know since I see some people saying vi-oh-let-a) and I think they go together really nicely. Violetta is underused, pretty, with cute nicknames and Jane is familiar, old fashioned and just beautiful. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think it's gorgeous. Violetta is a nice change from the usual Violet. And Jane is amazing, of course. Oh, and like the pp, I pronounce it "vee-oh-let-ah."
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    Initial thought that came to mind when I saw this name - I love it - this combination is just beautiful. Violetta is a great name, elegant, fiery, and passionate. She has this powerful punch and has an adorable Italian sound. Violetta has been growing on me so much. Jane is a lovely name my middle name and my mothers. Jane has a very sweet literacy vibe and feels fresh. She works with Violetta. Violetta Jane is great.

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    I really like it! Violetta isn't a favorite of mine, but I love it with Jane. It's very beautiful. Jane brings Violetta back down to earth.

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