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    Which would you chose?

    Matilda (nn Tillie) Marie
    Georgia Alice
    Scout Eloise
    Maisie Elisabeth
    Harriet (nn Hattie) Marie

    Or other combos with those fn's?

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    Matilda Marie is cute.

    Scout is really cute too but may be better as a middle name that is used in the first name place so she could put something more adult on forms.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    New England
    I like your middles- Alice, Eloise, Elizabeth. Matilda is the best out of the fn's.

    Matched with the three middles above I think is the best choice.
    *Magnolia Alice ( Noli) / Evangeline Violet (Eh-vee)/ Adelaide Clover (Laidy)/ Athena Florence (Attie)/
    Genevieve Winola (Vivi)/ Georgiana Marion (Gigi)/ Eugenie Marigold/Ottiline Hattie ( Tillie)*

    *Osias Grey (Si)/Augusten Grey (Auggie)/Thatcher Hawthorne/ Ignatius Wesley (Iggy)/Hawthorne Flynn (Hawk)/
    Beauregard August (Beau) /Fennec Inigo (Fenn)/Hugo Bosworth *

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    I like Harriet Marie the best as a combo. My 2nd choice would be Matilda Marie. I really like Matilda (which I named my daughter) but not sure how much I love it with Marie. Georgia Alice is nice too.
    Not a big fan of Maisie or Scout - they are too nicknamey for my style.

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    Matilda Maisy would be cute (and I'd nn her Scout!)

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