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    LOL... I knew it was only a matter of time before someone called you an elitist or chauvinist. Welcome to Nameberry! While I understand what you're saying (I especially agree with the issue of names appropriate for the workplace... Berries often like to think that no discrimination ever happens in the world based on names, but discrimination among job applicants based on names is well documented), I do disagree a bit. My father, brother, and sister all fit the bill: they like quite common names (Brian, Dean, Kirsten, Ava, Eli, Isabella, etc.). My brother had many fights with his wife, as she wanted to name their son Emory or Brighton, both of which she learned about on online forums, and both of which he regarded as "much too feminine". My brother grew up with a unisex name, and while he has a job and is a well-adjusted member of society, one of his main requirements for a boy's name was that it would never be unisex. He was tired of being called Ms.___, having girls in his class with his same name, etc. He didn't want his sons to "fight an uphill battle", as he put it. On the other hand, I've had plenty of male friends come up with names that are unisex or rare in the U.S., including Axel, Maximus, Kalel (Superman's name), Oakleigh (girl), Madisyn (girl), Ellis (boy), etc. So I tend to think that this has more to do with individuals than men vs. women. I do agree, though, that some names thrown around on here are quite crazy... but people like to think they are out of the box thinkers, and try to deny that it can negatively impact their children at all.

    However, the U.S. is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse... so names are also becoming more diverse. While DH is Persian, I wouldn't necessary want to saddle the kids with a clearly Iranian first name... In the case of political problems, it's easier to navigate American culture with a name that is not clearly Persian (such as Soren, Kian, Parisa, etc.) or an English name. I really wish both men and women would stop and think to themselves "Is this name fair to my child? Will it saddle them with ANY kind of an unnecessary burden? Are there any ways I can reduce the burden?"
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    I have to ask, what sort of name do you consider "cabbage patchy"? I've never heard that before. I didn't play with cabbage patch dolls as a kid, though they were around, so I didn't know what that meant. Then I saw another thread where you called someones choices "cabbage patchy" and out of curiosity, I looked up the cabbage patch dolls. I'm seeing Travis, Wade, Manuel, Zachary, Ty, Mitchell, Benjamin, Jeremy, Eric, Justin, etc. Are those the sort of name you're talking about? I'm confused now. What's wrong with that sort of name?
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