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    I thought it was really odd too but then realised that they were all old posts. What's weirder than the triplet posts is that you were the one commenting on them. Strange, really...
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    Quote Originally Posted by esswei View Post
    Yeah Oboe, you're the one who commented on triplet threads several years old. . . why?

    Oops. That was me! I guess I was really stupid to post about something I did. I do that because I try to catch trolls but it doesn't always work successfully . Sorry I was so ignorant! Hope the Berries can forgive me... And to reopen the starting topic, what do you guys think about triplet posts?

    (Oh yeah and I did say in the original post that I looked in all of them!)
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    Well, triplet posts are always suspicious simply because triplets are fairly rare and there seems to be a lot more than there should be on Nameberry. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt - just because they've had triplets doesn't mean they're trolls - but it depends on how realistic their story is. There was a recent thread announcing the birth of triplets, which included some ridiculous details, such as they were born on different days and two were identical and one was not (I know that happens, but, in this case, the non-identical triplet was born in between the identical ones, which is pretty much impossible). So, in that case, I figured it's definitely a troll. But my cousins are triplets and I know there's plenty out there, so benefit of the doubt should probably be given! Oh, a tell tale sign of a troll is someone who joins Nameberry simply to post about the birth of their triplets. It's a bit more believable if they've been on Nameberry seeking naming advice for a while before they announce their children's births. Also, I don't think any of the threads you commented on are trolls. They might be, but their stories seemed believable enough.
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