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    Love Mirabel. Mira is a cute nickname for it.

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    I like Mira and Mirabelle, but Mirabel looks like it's missing something at the end. And, unlike lucia, I actually prefer French spellings.
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    I like Mira best. (Actually I like Mirella and Mirellina too)
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    I like Mira the best and I think it can stand on its own. I generally like belle/bella names, however I don't really like Mirabel or Mirabelle. However they are still lovely names.
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    I like Mirabel best.

    Then Mira, but prefer Mara.

    Then Mirabelle, which I don't like as much as Mira alone or the spelling Mirabel which gets the job done and feels less frilly. I prefer Mirabel, Isabel, Annabel to Mirabelle, Isabelle, Annabelle - my only exception is preferring Maybelle to Mabel, but I actually say these two differently whereas the others are just spelling variations for me, and I prefer may-belle to may-b'll.

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