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    Mira vs Mirabel vs Mirabelle?

    Ok so I really love the name Mira! I feel like it might sound a little incomplete though and people may mistake it for Mirror. So which do you prefer Mira, Mirabel or Mirabelle? Thanks
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    I like Mira best, and then Mirabel. Mirabelle is nice, but I don't always love the French spellings with (presumably) English pronunciations.
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    I know a Mira and a (French) Mirabelle. My favorite is actually the Hindi Meera, followed by Mira, then Mirabelle. Ordinarily I'd like the less frilly -bel ending better, but it just looks incomplete that way for some reason.
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    I like Mira a lot, but I can understand why you'd want a more formal name - in which case, I'd choose Mirabelle. It's a great name.
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    1 Mirabel - looks like a real name rather than a smoosh
    2 Mira - Can stand on its own
    3 Mirabelle - it just looks like a smoosh of two names - Mira and Belle
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