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    Legit spelling to achieve pronunciation Bay-uh-treece

    Hello All,
    We really like the sound of the name Beatriz pronounced Bay-uh-treece. However, we and our families are not Spanish speaking and reside in the US so the "Beatriz" spelling will cause odd pronunciations and does not reflect our own actual heritage. Are there any legitimate spellings that could give us that pronunciations? We have considered Beatrix since we have Dutch ancestors and it is pronounced closer to Beatriz than Beatrice would be but we would still be constantly correcting from the BEE sound to the BAY sound. Thanks for the help.

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    Bayatrice, or Bayatrese? maybe it can be a fresh, renovation to an older name. I know it's not legit though.

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    Latvian variant - Beatrise (I'm unsure of it's actual pronunciation, but it looks like it would get you there)

    Other options to consider:

    Welsh variant - Betrys
    Scottish variant - Beitris

    Hope this helps!
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    Beatrice with an accent over e...


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    because you are emphasizing not just the ay but the UH after it, you are going to have to go some crazy spelling

    i guess its just the language thats adding the invisible UH?

    for me it doesnt matter how much a love the sound of a name, i wouldnt transform the spelling and make it into a JOKE.

    if you love it that much, spell it correctly and deal with telling people its BAYA not BEA.

    only other option i see is Ballatrice or Ballatrix based off Bellatrix but its a stretch but better than that y

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