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    Tabitha with cousin Samatha- too Bewitched?

    I've had a fancy for Tabitha lately. Only trouble is I have a niece called Samantha.
    That said we only see her a few times a year.
    Is it just a 'no'? I guess kids these days wouldn't even know Bewitched- and would it even matter 3-4 times a year? Or is it just too weird?

    I'm liking Tabbi as a nn.
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    As long as you don't name another daughter Endora, I think you'll be fine!

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    It's not an issue. I'm in my twenties and I've never watched Bewitched; I doubt anyone in subsequent generations will even be aware of the show, let alone familiar enough to know the characters' names.

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    It doesn't sound to 'Bewtiched'. I kinda like it. Scratch that I ♥ it!
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    I adore Bewitched, but I don't think that the association is too strong, and even if that's what they think of, the connection is cute.

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