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    Odd, but I have always loved 'M' names for boys and had my daughter Madeleine been a boy she would have been Mitchell. Why? As a boy I wanted a 'guys' name and Mitchell so fits that bill. Its rugged and manly as Mitch and intellectual and sophisticated as Mitchell. Best of all, its not rare but not over-done. And certainly not the type of name a boy would get beat up for having. This guys two-cents,

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    These have probably been suggested already, but:


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    You didn't indicate what types of names you tend to like, so I tried to include a variety of styles in my suggestions:

    Malcolm -- I love Scottish names, and this is one of my favorites. It feels solid and manly to me, though some will say it's a little dated. If you're a Joss Whedon fan, added bonus of getting to nickname him Mal!
    Marcel -- I like the international flair of this; it feels much more sophisticated than Mark. I picture a suave, dark haired man who's good with the ladies.
    Marlon -- makes me think of Marlon Brando (the young, handsome Marlon Brando, of course )
    Mathis -- has become a cool French spy name to me since seeing the new James Bond movies
    Micah -- I like that this is an ancient Hebrew name, but still has a modern feel to it. I picture a more reserved boy, maybe a little bookish, but nice.
    Miller -- I'm not a fan of surnames in general, but every once in a while I dig a good occupational surname, and this is one of them
    Murphy -- a nice, lively Irish choice. I picture an open, friendly guy who likes to have a good time.

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    Thanks everyone for the input so far!

    I love Malcolm in writing! Strong, ancient...but said out loud in my average American, so-not-Sean-Connery voice? Meh. And with our last name? Not so hot. I tested it out for a couple weeks previously, but realized it just wasn't The One.

    I want to love Mitchell. I feel like I should. It's a great name with a friendly nn. It's caught my eye time and again in the lists, but it falls flat for me out loud.

    My SIL recommended Marlow. I'm concerned about the girl usage. I like it.

    The name from all these suggestions we're really digging? Milo. Sounds great with our last name - perhaps the best sound out of generations of M names, if I do say so Easy to imagine yelling across a playground. But I'm not sure if it's "us." We're pretty preppy, and in my mind, Milo would be a beatnik wearing a turtleneck and a beret listening to jazz smoking a cigarette. What does everyone think of Milo? What comes to mind for you? I can see a little Milo and I can see an old Milo, but I can't picture a middle-aged Milo.

    Merritt's another one that I love in writing, but it sounds like a girl's name when I say it out loud. Anyone else think that? Mercer also sounds feminine to me.

    Marek (and assorted spellings) sound just ok with our name, though I really like the sound of the name by itself. Our last name is proving more difficult than I expected and is driving this name nerd nuts! Starts with a vowel sound, a cluster of tongue-trippy consonants in the middle, and ends with an S. Blergh.

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