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Thread: Elena & Nella

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    Elena & Nella

    My husband and I are both fans of names that are "formal" and then have a two and one-syllable nickname option. We prefer nothing too popular, but prefer it not to be too far outside the norm either. Middle names are always a family name that we decide based on flow after choosing a first name.

    Our first daughter is named Elena, nicknamed Laney. We are looking at names for our second daughter. We both really like Nella, Nellie as a nickname. However, we realize that letter wise this is super similar to Elena. Now, they don't really sound the same - but they obviously share a lot of similarities.

    Any thoughts as to how these two fit together for sisters? Also open to other recommendations

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    I'm guessing you pronounce Elena as uh-LAY-nuh, but I say it EL-en-uh. So how I say it, Nella, and Elena are almost exactly the same. I think you would run into others who would have the same confusion. If that doesn't bother you, than I think it's fine. Nella is nice, I personally love Nell, so Nella is pretty, too.
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    I can't decide if they sound too close. But I don't think it's necessarily undoable. I would make sure whatever full name you use for Nella doesn't sound too close, like Elena and Eleanor might seem too matchy.

    Options for full names for Nella:

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    I'm Italian and I can tell you that nella around here is always a nickname, and an old fashioned hardly heard one.
    there is also a famous blogger (kelle Hampton) who has daughter laney and nella, so I would avoid it.
    I think with elena you could pair a more formal name than nella. cornelia could be a nell, as well as many other names.

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    I would probably use Nell or Nella as a nickname for Elena if I had a daughter named Elena, so I would say they are too close...

    I like the idea of using Nella or Nellie as a nickname for a longer name, Penelope or Cornelia would fit nicely with Elena, as would Noelle

    Other suggestions:
    Louisa nn Lou or Lulu
    Mabel nn Mae or Bel
    Amelie nn Mel or Mellie
    Adele/Adela nn Ada or Dell
    Theresa/Tessa nn Tess
    Edith nn Edie

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