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    Could anyone else see pink and blue names in subforums like Talk about baby names, Sibling names, etc..?
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    What's the green color?

    I do see the pink, blue and orange and those categories make sense, but I also see a few names as green.

    Are those the names that are on our own lists maybe? They seem to be only names I like, lol

    as for Ruby, yep, I had a great-grandpa named Ruby--not short for anything.
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    Whaaaaat? When did this happen? Why has this happened?! I don't really like this new change- I find it a bit distracting. And I'm not keen on the whole girls are pink, boys are blue thing. Plus this only highlights (no pun intended) international differences i.e. Rory being unisex. But some orange names don't have an entry for the opposite gender, like Maurice and Taliesin. I'm a bit confused There was nothing wrong with names being green. If it ain't broke don't fix it :/

    ETA: Hang on, I think names turn back to green when you click on them. I think I'm going to be clicking on a lot of names...
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    ETA: Hang on, I think names turn back to green when you click on them. I think I'm going to be clicking on a lot of names...
    Yup, that's what it is! So I am now jumping over to the nameberry database to click on EVERY SINGLE NAME.

    I thought we all agreed that the subtle name colour was lovely when the new design came around? Or is that all in my head?
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    They do go back to green when you click on them. Oy!
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